Why Mentor?

Mentors act as a compass expanding our view of how to navigate life and business. Mentors inspire us to dare greatly, support us during difficult times, and benefit us in becoming better people.

Throughout his journey, Glenn has been brought to his knees by various challenges, carried away by numerous joys, and along the way learned unique lessons of wisdom.  He knows first-hand whatever you fill your mind with, and whomever you choose to surround yourself with, will in large part define the person you become.

Today, Glenn's relationships with his mentors, and the opportunities of giving back by being a mentor himself, count among his most meaningful life experiences.

The Value of Mentoring

"Glenn Stearns shows that anyone can overcome obstacles, make the best out of them by using integrity and strength making anything possible."

-Jennie Lindstrom, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"Your story is a real inspiration to me.  Thank you for investing in our future."

- John Brown, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"A great quote from my mentor Glenn Stearns, "Integrity is not a suit you put on in the morning and take off at night."

- Shaheed Bailey, entrepreneur - small business owner

"You are an engaging and funny guy! I really enjoyed listening to your incredible life story and your wisdom on life. Thank you for being so gracious."

- Jennifer Baez, Horatio Alger Scholar

"I just want to thank you for making me realize just how strong I have become through all of my adversities! Thank you very much! With all my heart!”

- Korie-Anne Ratelle, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"It was truly an honor to hear you speak today. Just to learn a little about your life story and to see how far you've come is beyond amazing and inspirational to me. I have had similar hardships. I have discovered that my problems do not create me, and more importantly, I am not alone.  You are a real life example of how perseverance and initiative can lead to success."

- Jessie Clowes, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"Don't let the past define us; let it guide us.' That is something Mr. Stearns said that really resonated with me."

- Miranda Hawkins, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"You are living proof that no matter what your background is you can accomplish anything!"

- Sarai Clendenin, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"Listening to your story of perseverance and your various accomplishments has given me deep and meaningful insight as to who I am and the reason why I strive to face adversity."

- Peter Trandem, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to have lunch with me. It is truly inspirational to see someone who has been incredibly successful give back to the younger generation.  It is not every day that someone in your position would sit down with a kid, such as myself. Your ability to succeed and then re-create yourself after hitting rock bottom all while not losing sight of what was important in life is very commendable and is a character attribute that I strive for."

- Fritz Huber, student

"From teenage pregnancy to the recent economic recession, you have proven to overcome obstacles by using them for your advantage. You present yourself as a great father, hero, business man and human being.  I only feel greatness when in your presence because you are truly an unforgettable champion of perseverance.  Thank you again for speaking with us."

- Abdul-Razak Zachariah, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"Growing up on an Indian reservation is hard because you're faced with poverty. I'm trying my hardest to get where I want to be and become successful like Mr. Stearns.  Someday I want to come back to the reservation and tell everyone that it's easy if you put your mind to it and set goals, because nothing is too hard in life that you can't get through!"

- Kali Hale, Horatio Alger Scholar

"I liked that you were so relatable and a great example of success.'Success is not what you did or what you have, but how far you have come from where you began.' Your story is very relevant to this quote and I hope to have a similar story of success someday."

- Dylan Hartlaub, Horatio Alger National Scholar

"I have written down what your mentor said to you. I keep looking at it and making myself believe, 'This too shall pass.' I feel optimistic now.  You gave me hope."

- Karen K.

"I am a remote underwriter working out of your PITT FC office and just finished reading the article in Mobility magazine and got chills.  Your comment about persistence…”I just figured each “no” meant I was getting closer to a “yes!””, hit home for me.  My husband Mark and I have two children, our son Stadler is 16 and daughter Maya is now 13.  We have always tried to teach our children to be persistent and never give up on something you believe in and that hard work pays off in the end.  When Maya was approximately 10 years old she wanted to make some money of her own to buy a something we thought to be too expensive for a 10 year little girl.  So she asked if she could start her own business, making and selling recycled jewelry in the neighborhood.  At the time we lived in a rural neighborhood and our neighbor had a golf cart, which my daughter commissioned as her transportation.  She started w/ $60 worth of supplies, worked tirelessly making jewelry from old pieces I or my mother had in our jewelry box mixed with new items she purchased w/ the $60. She set out on her first sales trip w/ her father at the wheel and proceeded to get one “no” after another.  My husband heart-broken seeing his precious 10 year older daughter face rejection lead him to the following encouraging comment… “Maya, every “no” is one step closer to a “YES”!”  That simple comment inspired her with such enthusiasm she literally did not take “no” for answer at any of her remaining stops, in fact she sold out and was so motivated to make more jewelry. She would ask anyone, friends and family for their old jewelry so that she could continue her mission.  She is to this day, one of the most hard working, persistent young ladies I know.  I’m not really sure why I felt the need to share this with you, other than to confirm that simple statements such as these really do impact young children and help form them into successful young individuals.  See attached pictures of that day! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for giving so much to the community!"

- Jen Adwell